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What are the basic requirements to enroll?

All participants must have basic swimming skills & be comfortable in the water. A swimming test will be conducted in the first class. Even so, life jackets MUST be worn at all times on the docks and the water. That means you need to purchase and bring a life jacket with you, even on the very first day.

Can I reserve a spot and pay later?

Unfortunately no. Payment is required in full with the completed Registration. Classes will be filled with paid registrations in order of receipt.

Can I make up a missed class?

Yes, but only with advanced permission from the Registrar, and space permitting.

Where should I drop off/pick up my child?

Students should be dropped off and picked up from the Sandy Point Room at the back of the Jubilee Yacht Club. All students should be picked up within 15 minutes following the end of the scheduled class. Please do not block the driveway or idle under the deck behind the Jubilee. Please be considerate of others by keeping the lanes of traffic open.

May I park at Jubilee Yacht Club while my child is in class?

If you are not a member of the Jubilee YC, you may park in the Jubilee lot only for the length of your or your child’s lesson. Please put a note in your windshield indicating you or your child is part of the Sandy Point program if you leave your car and if you are not a member of Jubilee, you may not park to use the beach for the day. Please find a spot on Water Street.

Is there anywhere I can watch my child sail?

Although parents are not permitted out on the water, most Level 1 classes are conducted in Collins Cove which is best viewed from the beach at the Salem Willows Park. Also, feel free to use the picnic tables and other seating areas outside the Jubilee YC building, however, do not use the second floor outside deck, lounge, or second-floor bathrooms unless accompanied by a Jubilee YC member. Only students who are accompanied by their member parents are allowed to purchase food and/or drink from the 2nd Floor Lounge.

What should my child bring to class?

Life jackets are worn at all times on the water so your child should have one that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Closed-toe shoes are to be worn and sunscreen should be applied before the student arrives for class. Good additions are extra sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a towel, a sweatshirt, water, and a snack.

Can students leave things in the Sandy Point Room?

Nothing of value should be left in the Sandy Point Room. The Instructors will lock up valuables before heading out to the water. It is your child’s responsibility to give valuables to the Instructor. We cannot be responsible for any lost items.

Should I let you know if my child will miss a class?

Yes, we will give you the best contact information on the first day of class.

Do classes run when it rains?

The class will be held and unless there are thunderstorms, students may be on the water. Under rare circumstances, if the weather forecast calls for hazardous conditions such as hurricane or gale-force wind, classes may be canceled for the day.  If this happens, the parents will be notified in advance.

Why does my child spend so much time in Level 1?

Sailing is a skill sport requiring time and experience to achieve excellence. At Sandy Point, a Level 1 sailor is one who has never sailed or is a collaborative sailor who works with others to rig, crew, and captain the boat. Beginner and Advanced Beginner must be capable of solo sailing in variable conditions and be able to rig and de-rig the boat alone.  As the Intermediate classes are generally held in the afternoon which typically experiences higher wind speeds, there are other size and physical strength considerations before a sailor may place into Level 2.

When will the T-shirts be handed out?

T-shirts are given out on the last day of class. If you know your child will miss the last day of class, please inform the Instructor so we can make an effort to get one to you. T-shirts will be provided for only one session when multiple sessions are taken.

One last note: We are guests of the Jubilee Yacht Club

Non-member parents may park on JYC property only for the length of their Child’s lesson. Students may have access to the Sandy Point Room and the bathrooms on the first floor of the Clubhouse only for the length of their lesson. They may have access to the docks only when participating in on-the-water activities.
Non-member parents may not use the outside deck, lounge, or second-floor bathrooms unless accompanied by a JYC Member. Students should pick up after themselves after using bathrooms. This is especially important when changing out of wet clothes. All water must be mopped up immediately on floors and counters. This includes any water on the floor in the hall.