Expected Dates and Hours:June 28th through August 20th  (4 Sessions)Monday through Friday
Send Resume & 3 references
Reports to:Board of Directors
Duties of the Position:Report to the Board of Directors
o   Interface, advise and report program activities and daily developments to Board members
o   Assist Registrar with communications to parent/students
o   Provide session metrics; actual enrollment
o   Track Instructor hours, report them to board, assure timely submission of time sheets
o   Interface with JYC Membership and Leadership as needed
Conflict Management and Sounding Board
o   Resolve any student and/or parent conflicts, concerns or strife that emerges
o   Be a sounding board and go to resource for instructors
Maintain Health Documents and Medications
Bonus: Maintain club sailboats, motorboats and sailing equipment

o   Lead fleet maintenance; troubleshooting, repairing, picking up needed supplies and hardware, assign tasks to Instructors to keep fleet & facilities is optimal condition
Qualifications:Age: 21+ and enjoy working with children
Boating skills
o   Competency in boat handling of motorboats
Strong leadership skills
o   Able to lead, prioritize and delegate
o   Strong communication and organizational skills
o   Current Red Cross Advanced First Aid and CPR/AED Certification
BONUS: Fleet Maintenance
o   Competency in day to day sailing fleet maintenance



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